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Some of Our Finest Helping Some of Tampa's Finest

We all have jobs to do and do what we do best. However, there are times where we step up and do what needs to be done to help, even if it wasn't in the plans for the day.


Such is the case with two of our employees Danny Shafer and Kwame Atum while on a project near Florida Avenue and Harrison Street.  Both of these fine employees stepped up and helped one of Tampa's finest with diverting some traffic.


Rather than explaining what they did, let's hear from the officer herself, as she was kind enough to write an email to our President, Steve Tate, thanking them and us for assisting her.


Here's the email:


Dear Mr. Tate,


I wanted to commend you on two of your employees "Danny" and "Kwame". About one week ago, I had to divert traffic traveling northbound on Florida Av to go east and west at Harrison St.


Danny and Kwame happened to be there on the scene because they had some surveying & mapping to do at this location. They had set up their equipment and started doing their work.


When the both of them saw the daunting task I had, they took it upon themselves to set up extra cones to help slow down traffic and safely divert it; east and west bound.


I just want to thank them again and let you know how much I appreciate their help.




Ruby Nieuwendam, Police Officer
Tampa Police Department
District 3
3808 North 22nd Street
Tampa, FL 33610

The mission of the Tampa Police Department
is to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life
through a cooperative partnership with all citizens
Good job Danny and Kwame!!

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